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Our expert professionals and consultants will work with you closely, sharing their collective knowledge and expertise to provide integrated business solutions for your company.

We offer:

1. Letter of Credit (L/C) Review:

Review the L/C for terms and conditions, advising the changes necessary to reduce the risk and fasten the payment process.

2. Letter of Credit (L/C) Discounting process support:

Support on LC discounting process to get your Sight/ Usance LC’s discounted from your bank. Our experts will guide you to get the payments from your bank itself before the documents reach your customer’s bank.

3. Letter of Credit (L/C) documents preparation:

Our expert professionals will prepare export documents including invoices, packing lists, beneficiary certificates and drafts based on the Letter of credit terms and UCP600 & ISBP745.


4. Export documents checking:

Our expert professionals will check the documents prepared by your in-house staff based on the Letter of Credit (L/C) terms and according to UCP600 & ISBP745 for any discrepancies.


5. In-house Staff Training:

Our expert professionals will train your staff to review the Letter of Credit (L/C) and prepare the required documents based on the terms and conditions of the L/C.

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