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What is UID number in UAE? How to Check your UID Number

The UAE uses a unique ID system to keep track of residents. This ID number, called a UID number, is like a social security number, but you get it when you first enter the UAE with a visa. 

Here's the important facts: 

  • Universal Identifier: Your UID number stays with you your entire time in the UAE, even if you change jobs or visa types. 

  • Centralized Linkage: The government uses your UID number to link all your official stuff, like visa applications, residence permits, and your Emirates ID card. 

  • Government Oversight: The UID system is run by two government agencies: GDRFA (deals with visas and residency) and ICA (issues Emirates IDs). 

UAE ID System: UID vs. Emirates ID Card

Don't confuse your UID number with your Emirates ID card

  • UID Number: This is just a unique number the government uses internally. 

  • Emirates ID Card: This is a physical card you carry as proof of your residency in the UAE. 

Your Unique UAE ID: What You Need to Know

The UAE uses a unique ID system to track residents. This ID number is called a UID, and you get it automatically when you first enter the UAE with a visa that allows you to stay long-term (like a work visa or family visa). Here's how it works: 

  1. Arrive in the UAE: When you enter the UAE with your visa, immigration officials will create your UID number as part of your entry paperwork. It's like a social security number, but you get it upon arrival. 

  1. Medical Tests & Emirates ID: After entering, you'll do some medical tests and apply for your Emirates ID card (which proves you're a resident). Your UID number gets linked to all these applications. 

  1. Look for Your UID: Once your visa is stamped in your passport, you'll see your UID number printed right there on the visa page. This same number will be used for all your official UAE staff. 

  1. Emirates ID Card: Your UID number will also be printed on your Emirates ID card, which is like your official UAE ID you'll use for many things. 

Basically, you don't need to do anything special to get a UID number. 


How to find your UID on Your Residence Visa

Here's how to find your UID on your visa: 

  1. Look Above the File Number: Your UID is usually printed right above the file number on your visa document (see the picture, if there is one). 

How to find your UID Online  

If you can't find your visa or prefer to do it online, you can also find your UID number this way: 

  1. Fill in the Info: Enter your passport number, nationality, date of birth, and gender. 

  1. Solve the Math Problem: Show them you're not a robot by solving a simple math question. 

  1. Click Submit: Voila! Your secret UAE number (UID) will be revealed.  

Decoding Your UAE UID Number 

Here's how to crack the code: 

  1. Emirate Code (First 3 Digits): These digits reveal which Emirate issued your visa. For instance, Abu Dhabi starts with 101, Dubai with 201, Sharjah with 301, and Ajman with 401. (Note: Abu Dhabi and Sharjah visas might have a slash after these numbers.) 

  1. Year of Issue (Next 4 Digits): This section tells you the year your visa was issued, keeping track of when you got your residency status. 

  1. Visa Number (Last 7-9 Digits): This is the most important part for you! These final digits are actually your visa number, also called your residence number. This is the number you'll use most often on official UAE government forms. 

So next time you look at your UAE visa, remember, the UID number is like a secret code telling the story of your residency! 

Why Your UAE UID Number is Important 

Your UID number makes things easier and more secure in many ways: 

  • Dealing with the Government: Need a permit or want to use healthcare services? Your UID number helps the process go smoothly and saves you time. 

  • Renting an Apartment or Starting a Business: Landlords and businesses use your UID number to verify your information quickly and securely, making transactions faster. 


Living in the UAE, whether you've been there for years or just arrived, can involve some unique procedures. Understanding the UID number system is a key part of navigating everyday life in this exciting country! 

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