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Fujairah Free Zone Business Setup Service

Updated: Jun 10

Fujairah free zone business setup
Fujairah Free zone Business Setup Service

The UAE is booming with businesses! If you're looking to start or grow your company there, the Fujairah Free Zone (FFZA) is a great option for business setup in UAE. Fujairah is a popular spot in the UAE for starting a business because of its prime location.This area offers many benefits for foreign investors, like a simple process for setting up your business. The Fujairah Free Zone Authority (FFZA) is in charge of everything, from giving out business licenses to making the rules. 

Why Choose Fujairah Free Zone? 

The FFZA offers a compelling proposition for businesses of all sizes: 

  • Strategic Location: Fujairah is like a business crossroads - close to major shipping routes connecting your business to the Arabian Gulf Ports, the Red Sea, India, and Pakistan. 

  • Foreign Ownership: You can completely own your business in the FFZA and take all the profits home. 

  • Simplified Setup: No need for mountains of paperwork - setting up your business in the FFZA needs minimal process. 

  • Cost-Effective: Benefit from low tax responsibilities, modern infrastructure, and reduced setup costs. 

  • Flexible Business Structures: Choose from various business licenses and entity types depending on your needs. 

Business Licenses in Fujairah Free Zone

The FFZA allows different business activities through three primary licenses: 

  • Trading License: Ideal for buying and selling goods within the UAE or internationally (import, export, distribution, wholesale trade). 

  • Industrial License: Geared towards manufacturing and production activities within the Free Zone. 

  • Professional License: Designed for businesses offering professional services like consultancy or IT services. 

Documents Required to to setup a business in Fujairah Free Zone

  • Certified passport copy with UAE visa entry stamp 

  • Proof of address 

  • Bank reference letter 

  • Shareholder CVs 

  • Company application form 

How to Get Fujairah Free Zone License

  1. Define Your Business Activity: Clearly identify your core business activities. 

  1. Develop a Business Plan: Outline your business goals and strategies. 

  1. Reserve a Company Name: Choose a unique and available company name. 

  1. Determine Visa Requirements: Specify the number of visas needed for employees. 

  1. Deposit Share Capital: Fulfill the mandatory capital deposit requirement. 

  1. Obtain Shareholder Signatures: Secure signatures on company formation documents. 

  1. Pay Fees and Register: Settle all applicable fees and finalize business registration. 

Business Entity Options in Fujairah Free Zone

The FFZA allows you to choose a suitable business structure: 

  • Foreign Branch: Establish an extension of your existing company outside the UAE. 

  • Local UAE Branch: Expand your UAE-registered company's operations within the Free Zone. 

  • Free Zone Establishment (FZE): Ideal for single shareholders seeking complete control. 

  • Free Zone Company (FZC): Suitable for two or more shareholders with shared ownership. 

Get Expert Help for Your FFZ Setup 

Working on the business setup process can be time-consuming. Raes Associates with years of experience in Business setup services in uae, helps you secure your business license, handle legal structures, and process visa applications. We ensure a smooth and efficient journey towards launching your business in the thriving Fujairah Free Zone. Contact Raes Associates today for your business success in the UAE! 

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