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Start AI Business in Dubai: Meydan Free Zone License is Best Choice

Updated: May 20

Meydan Free Zone license

Artificial intelligence (AI) is leading the way in the fast-growing field of emerging technologies, changing corporate landscapes and sectors. Selecting a strategic location is essential for businesses looking to prosper in the AI space. Meydan Free Zone provides a special environment for AI-based companies to grow because of its dynamic ecosystem.

This blog explores how a Meydan Free Zone license can be a catalyst for advancing AI-based businesses, shedding light on the comprehensive support and opportunities provided by Meydan Free Zone, in collaboration with Raes Associates, a trusted partner in professional services. 

Meydan Free Zone License: Best for AI

Business Setup in Dubai

The decision to establish your AI-based business in Meydan Free Zone involves strategic considerations, and obtaining a Meydan Free Zone license is a key element of this process. Since its founding in 2011, the prestigious professional business setup services company Raes Associates has played a significant role in helping companies navigate the complexities of setup and licensing.

The company is a dependable partner for companies looking to take use of Meydan Free Zone's AI potential because of its knowledge, which includes certified public accountants (CPAs), chartered accountants, and experts in free zone rules. 

The Strategic Location of Meydan Free Zone for AI


Meydan Free Zone is intended to serve as a center for innovation and excellence. It is well situated in the center of Dubai. Businesses, particularly those at the forefront of AI development and deployment, can flourish in this free zone. AI entrepreneurs can enjoy a number of advantages that help grow their companies by obtaining a license from the Meydan Free Zone.

  • Proximity to Industry Leaders:

Being in close proximity to major players in the AI industry is a significant advantage. Meydan Free Zone's central location in Dubai ensures that AI-based businesses have access to a network of industry leaders, fostering collaboration, partnerships, and knowledge exchange. 

  • State-of-the-Art Infrastructure:

Meydan Free Zone boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure that aligns with the technological requirements of AI businesses. From cutting-edge office spaces to advanced research and development facilities, the free zone provides an environment conducive to innovation and growth. 

  • Global Connectivity: 

Meydan Free Zone's strategic location facilitates global connectivity, enabling AI businesses to engage with international markets. The free zone serves as a gateway to the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and Africa, providing unparalleled access to a diverse and expansive market. 

Advantages of a Meydan Free Zone License for AI-Based Businesses 

Raes Associates collaborates closely with businesses in Meydan Free Zone, offering insights into the specific benefits that contribute to the advancement of AI-based enterprises. 

  • 100% Foreign Ownership: 

A Meydan Free Zone license allows for 100% foreign ownership, providing AI entrepreneurs with full control over their businesses. This autonomy is crucial for decision-making and strategic planning, fostering a business environment that encourages innovation. 

  • Tax Exemptions:

Meydan Free Zone offers tax exemptions, including corporate tax and personal income tax, creating a favorable financial environment for AI businesses. This enables entrepreneurs to allocate resources more efficiently and invest in research, development, and talent acquisition. 

  • Customizable Office Spaces:

The flexibility to choose and customize office spaces according to the unique needs of AI businesses is a significant advantage. Meydan Free Zone provides a range of office solutions, from co-working spaces to dedicated offices, allowing businesses to create an environment that nurtures creativity and collaboration. 

  • Research and Development Opportunities:

Meydan Free Zone encourages research and development activities, providing opportunities for AI businesses to innovate and stay at the forefront of technological advancements. The free zone's commitment to fostering a culture of research aligns with the dynamic nature of the AI industry. 

  • Collaboration and Networking in Meydan Free Zone 

In the field of artificial intelligence, networking and cooperation are crucial for success. Meydan Free Zone understands this and offers a cooperative environment that makes it easier for companies, startups, and industry professionals to connect.

AI entrepreneurs licensed under the Meydan Free Zone have access to frequent events, seminars, and networking opportunities where they may connect with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and consider joint ventures. 

In order to foster cooperation and commercial expansion, Raes Associates actively assists companies in the Meydan Free Zone by offering advice on networking tactics and encouraging attendance at trade shows. 

  • Advisory and Financial Support Services 

AI-based companies frequently need specific financial assistance and advice services. To offer specialized financial solutions, Raes Associates works with AI startups in the Meydan Free Zone through its team of financial professionals. Raes Associates provides budgeting, financial planning, compliance, and auditing services to guarantee AI enterprises have the financial groundwork necessary for long-term success. 

Start AI-Based Business in Meydan Free Zone with Expert Guidance from Raes Associates

To sum up, a Meydan Free Zone license is a powerful tool for the development of AI-based companies. Meydan Free Zone is a great option for business owners in the AI sector because of its advantageous location, welcoming business community, and customized advantages.

Businesses may successfully handle the complexities of licensing, financial management, and strategic growth with the help of Raes Associates, ensuring that their AI endeavors prosper in the ever-changing Meydan Free Zone.

Count on Meydan Free Zone and Raes Associates to be your partners in excellence and innovation as you set out to advance your AI-based business. 


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