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Updated: Mar 27

how to check emirates id fine

It is common in the UAE to be fined by the police or other departments due to the violation of laws, rules, and regulations implemented by the authorities. The charges of traffic or other types of fines depending on the violation of the law. If you are wondering how you can check your Emirates ID fines, here’s a guide to help you out. Read on to find out the details of the complete process.

  1. Complete Process to Check Emirates ID Fines

  2. Types of Emirates ID Fines

  3. Payment of Emirates ID Fine

Complete Process to Check Emirates ID Fines

In order to check your Emirates ID fines online, visit the official website of the Abu Dhabi Police Department. You can also check the website through your smartphone by downloading the mobile application of the Abu Dhabi Police. The app is available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Upon visiting the website, you will have the following options for checking your traffic fines:

  1. Inquiring by traffic number

  2. Inquiring by Emirates ID (Individual fines)

  3. Inquiring by vehicle plate

  4. Inquiring by driving license

Here, you will select the option of checking fines via Emirates ID. You can also check fines by choosing other options but this piece of writing is solely focused on how to check fines by Emirates ID.

After selecting the option, you will enter your national Emirates ID number. Then, you will fill the captcha i.e. enter letters and numbers that are mentioned in the shown picture. The captcha requirement is to ensure there is no involvement of a robot in the process.

Once these steps are completed, click on the “Submit” button.

A new page will open that will display the details of your fines. Many details of the fine are shown to you including the following:

  • Fine number

  • Fine year

  • Source of fine

  • Fine date

  • Fine amount

  • Driver license number

  • Plate number

  • Location of fine

If there are currently no traffic fines against your Emirates ID, the following message will be shown by the system upon hitting the submit button:

“No fines according to the conditions used in the inquiry process”.

Types of Emirates ID Fines

Besides traffic or RTA fines, the following types of fines can be charged against your Emirates ID:

  • Various individual violations

  • COVID-19 violation

  • Municipality violation

  • Late Emirates ID registration

  • Jaywalking violation

There is a possibility that your Emirates ID or Visa has expired and you are looking to renew it. Before you can renew it, if you already have any unpaid fines on your expired Emirates ID, you have to clear them first. Once the fines are cleared, you can go for the renewal of your Emirates ID.

Payment of Emirates ID Fine

The government of UAE has given the facility of paying fines either online or by hand. Choosing one of either option depends on your own preference. If you wish to pay online, you can do the payment on the system. You are given the option of paying your charges under the details of fines. The other choice is to go to a police station and clear your charges by paying the amount by hand. Once the fines are cleared, you will be given a fine receipt verifying that your pending fines are paid.

Benefits of Checking Emirates ID Fines Regularly

  • Unidentified fines can accumulate late fees.

  • Outstanding fines can delay visa renewals or travel clearances.

  • Early awareness allows you to settle fines promptly.

Rates Associates: Your Partner in Business Compliance

At Rates Associates, we go beyond just company formation in UAE. We can guide you through various aspects of running a business in Dubai, including adhering to regulations and avoiding potential fines. Contact us today for any assistance you may need.

Additional Tips to Maintaining Compliance and Avoiding Fines in UAE

  • Keep your Emirates ID information updated to ensure you receive notifications about fines.

  • Set reminders to check for fines periodically.

  • If you have fines, explore payment options through the relevant government websites or apps.

By following these tips, you can ensure your Emirates ID is clear of fines and avoid any unnecessary complications.

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