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How to change your mobile number in the Emirates ID?

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Complete guide to change your mobile number in the Emirates ID.

Set up your business in the world of opportunities. UAE is a perfect destination to launch your dream business projects. Business setup in Dubai is a challenging process, but Raes associates make it easy with quick and reliable company formation services.

Emirate ID is a legal requirement for the UAE residents and they have to carry it with them. So, before launching with your venture, make sure to keep your card up-to-date Federal authority for identity and citizenship issues the Emirates ID as an identity card for the UAE’s citizen and residents.

Emirates ID is required for the following,

  • Vote in elections

  • To accomplish any government services

  • Travel within GCC

  • Many other government processes

  • To pass the immigration and smart gates

The ID card has highest level of accuracy and security with components like smart card, fingerprint biometric, and public key infrastructure. For getting an Emirates ID card, the applicant has to fill an e-form and complete the necessary procedures.

According to ICA, users can update their details or report any change in the given timeframe. While using your Emirates ID for an online service, you have to complete two-step verification, where the OTP is sent to your registered mobile number.

So, if you wish to change or update your mobile number registered with Emirates ID, then take a look at the following steps,

Step 1 – initially, get access to the following link

Step 2 – enter the following details

  • Nationality – select the current nationality from the drop-down

  • ID number – enter the emirates ID number printed on the front of the card

  • File number – enter the file number printed on your resident visa, the file number slot is divided into department;year;service;sequence

In the department column, fill up the three-digit code from your file number In the year column, fill up the following four digit number in your file number, this number is the year that your visa was first issued In the service column, fill up the first digit of last part of your file number In the sequence column, fill up the remaining digits

  • Name(English)– fill up your name as printed in the Emirates ID

  • Name (Arabic) – after entering English name, the system will automatically generate its Arabic version

  • Passport no – fill up the passport number

  • DOB – select your date of birth from the calendar menu

  • Last entry date – enter the last entry date stamped on your passport, when you entered the borders of UAE

  • Email – enter your email address

  • Now, check for the box with registered mobile number

  • Enter the new mobile number, the applicant will receive a one-time password on the new mobile number.

  • Then, add your address

  • Complete the captcha verification and proceed

Step 3 – Review your application

After completing the process, the system will provide you updated details and you have to verify it. In case of any corrections, you can return to step 2 and make the changes. Otherwise, confirm the details and proceed to the final step.

Step 4 – Payment

After the form filling process, move on to the payment portal. In this payment portal, make the online payment for the e-service. At present, the complete charge for updating details is around Dh 52.10 Once you’re done with the payment, the site redirects to the ICA website. The applicant will receive a notification informing that your request is processed successfully and your details are updated.

Once the mobile number is registered with Emirates ID, you can utilize them for any government related services available to residents and citizens. Since, it’s a legal requirement, keep your Emirates ID up-to-date to avail all the services! Being a popular business set up consultant in UAE, Raes Associates can serve your business requirements and assure hassle-free company formation.

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