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Food Product Registration in Dubai

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Dubai, UAE, with its growing population of expatriates, presents a lucrative market for food products. As the region is not agriculturally self-sufficient, it relies heavily on imports and local food production to meet the demand. To ensure the highest standards of food safety and quality, the government of Dubai has established a strict food product registration procedure. This registration process, known as Food product Registration Dubai, allows companies to import, manufacture, distribute, and re-export food products, offering significant trade opportunities in Dubai and other Gulf countries.

Raes Associates offers expert guidance through this complex process, providing businesses with the necessary support to navigate regulatory requirements, ensuring a smooth entry into Dubai's diverse and demanding food market. Their expertise in local regulations and business consultancy can significantly ease the registration process, helping businesses to leverage Dubai's dynamic market to their advantage.




Food product registration in UAE offers several key benefits for traders and manufacturers:

  • Access to Lucrative Markets: Registered food products gain access to the highly profitable markets of Dubai, UAE, and other Gulf countries, thanks to streamlined processes like food product registration in UAE and food product registration Dubai municipality

  • Tax-Free Re-Export: Traders can leverage Dubai's tax-free benefits to manufacture and re-export their food products to countries of their choice.

  • Enhanced Food Safety: The integration of the registration process with ZAD (a federal portal for food trade) ensures increased food safety standards, boosting the value of registered food products for international trade.

Benefits of Food Product Registration in UAE

Understanding the Essentials

What is Food Product Registration? 

This process, overseen by the Dubai Municipality, ensures consumer safety and maintains high food quality standards.


A valid UAE trade license for food trading or general trading activities issued within the Emirates is required.

Requirements for Food Product Registration in Dubai Municipality

​To register a food production in Dubai municipality, traders and manufacturers must comply with specific requirements, ensuring adherence to the regulations set forth by food product registration in Dubai Municipality. 

  1. Registration with Dubai Municipality: All food products must be registered with Dubai Municipality through its Food Import & Re-export System (FIRS).

  2. Accurate Labeling: Products must display accurate information, including ingredients, brand name, product name, manufacture/expiry date, and net weight. Failing to adhere to proper labelling may result in fines ranging from AED 10,000 to AED 100,000.

  3. Submission of Relevant Documents: Companies need to submit essential documents to Dubai Municipality, including the trade license, contact information, location in Dubai, and details of the company's representative.

  4. Additional Requirements for Imported Goods: For imported goods, additional documents such as a packing list, an original health certificate from the country of origin, and a Halal certificate from an approved Islamic organization are necessary.

  5. Food Product Label Approval: The product label must include information about shelf life, country of origin, storage conditions, and other required details.

  6. Prohibited Items: Certain items, such as alcohol and poppy seeds, are prohibited for registration as food products.

Required Documents for Food Registration in Dubai

Accurate documentation is key to a smooth application process. Raes Associates can help you compile the following:

  • Trade License Details: A copy of your valid UAE trade license.

  • Company Information: Your company's contact details and physical location within the UAE.

  • Product Details: Comprehensive information about your food product, including its name, brand, ingredients list, and manufacturing/expiry dates.

  • Label Artwork & Product Image: Clear digital copies of your product label artwork and a high-resolution image of the product itself.

Additional Documents (as applicable)

  • Barcode Details

  • Halal Certificate

  • For Sale Certificate (Imported Products)

  • Declaration of Conformity

  • Additives List (if any)

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Process of Food Product Registration

The Process of Food Product Registration in Dubai involves the following steps:

  • Application Submission: Submit a fully filled application form with all necessary documents to Dubai Municipality.

  • Sample Testing: A food officer will collect a sample of the product, which will be lab-tested in the food department at Jebel Ali for quality assurance.   

  • Quality Check by ESMA: The Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) will further check the quality of the food product.

  • Legal Assistance: Raes Associates, a renowned consultancy firm in Dubai, can assist throughout the registration process, ensuring compliance with regulations and resolving any legal issues that may arise.

Essential Components of Compliant Product Labeling

Compliant labeling is crucial. We'll ensure your product label includes:

  • Brand Name & Product Name: Clear display of your brand name and the specific product name.

  • Ingredients List: A list of all ingredients in descending order according to their quantity used.

  • Manufacturing & Expiry Dates: Product's manufacturing date and expiry date in a clear format.

  • Net Weight: Specification of the product's net weight in grams or kilograms.

  • Bilingual Labeling (Optional): While not mandatory, labeling in both English and Arabic is recommended for wider market reach.


Registering a food product in Dubai is a meticulous process that involves strict adherence to rules and regulations. By partnering with Raes Associates, businesses can navigate the registration process smoothly, ensuring access to the thriving markets of Dubai and beyond. Food product registration in Dubai opens the doors to remarkable trade opportunities and allows companies to offer high-quality and safe food products to consumers in the UAE and beyond.

  • Expert Guidance: Our team of experienced consultants will provide comprehensive guidance throughout the registration process.

  • Streamlined Application: We'll ensure your application is complete and submitted efficiently.

  • Timely Updates: You'll receive regular updates on the status of your application.

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