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Trademark Registration in UAE

Trademark registration in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the process of obtaining legal protection for a trademark used in connection with goods or services offered in the UAE. This involves filing an application with the relevant government authority, providing information about the trademark and the goods or services it is used in connection with, and paying the necessary fees. Once a trademark is registered, the owner has exclusive rights to use that trademark in the UAE in connection with the registered goods or services. Trademark registration in the UAE is an important step in protecting a company's brand and preventing infringement by others.


Protecting your brand in the UAE is crucial and we are here to assist you in achieving that goal. Our services include conducting a thorough trademark search, submitting your trademark application, and completing the trademark registration process. We take the responsibility of securing your brand seriously, so you can focus on growing your business.




The United Arab Emirates has legal provisions that protect trademarks which are defined as names, logos, or short slogans that distinguish a product or service from others in a specific geographical area. The protection of trademarks is important for both businesses and consumers in the country. The UAE Trademark Laws address various aspects of trademark protection, including:

  • Definition of what constitutes a trademark

  • Eligibility of signs to be registered as trademarks

  • Procedures for registering and canceling trademarks

  • Transfer of trademark ownership

  • Granting permission to others to use trademarks

  • Penalties for trademark law violations and additional provisions for trademarks.


Requirements for Trademark Registration in UAE



The responsibility of registering trademarks in the UAE falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economy. If you are looking to use trademarks to differentiate your goods, products, or services from others, you can apply for registration in accordance with the trademark laws in the UAE.

The following documents are required for filing a trademark registration application in the UAE:

  • A black and white image of your trademark and a digital copy of the logo in JPEG format

  • A description of the goods/services you are offering

  • A power of attorney for filing the application

  • A copy of the applicant's certificate of incorporation (for corporate entities only)

  • Certificates of trademark registration from any other countries you have registered in

  • A legal translation of the wording in your trademark. The translation should be from your original language to English and Arabic, with Raes Associates able to provide the translation from English to Arabic

  • The required fees

The UAE has adopted the international classification of goods and services, which includes 45 classes (excluding classes 32 and 33). However, it is important to note that trademark protection cannot be achieved for alcoholic beverages. A separate application is required for each class of trademark, but it may be possible to protect similar trademarks under the main trademark as associated trademarks if the main elements are similar and the differences between them are irrelevant.


Process of Trademark Registration in UAE


Raes Associates strives for clarity in their services so clients are aware of their approach to delivering results. If you're looking to learn about the process of registering a trademark in the UAE, the steps involved are as follows:

  1. The trademark registration application is submitted to the Ministry of Economy.

  2. Within 30 days from the submission date, the Ministry of Economy will provide a decision on the application.

  3. If the trademark is approved, it will be announced in the Ministry's bulletin and two Arabic newspapers at the applicant's expense.

  4. Within 30 days from the date of the last announcement, any interested party can object to the trademark registration by submitting a written objection to the Ministry of Economy. If an objection is received, the applicant will be notified by the Ministry of Economy within 15 days of receipt, along with a copy of the objection.

  5. If no objections are raised, the registration is completed. Upon registration, the trademark owner will receive a certificate that includes

  • The trademark's registration number in the UAE

  • The date of application and registration

  • The trade name or the owner's name, nationality, and place of residence

  • A copy of the trademark

  • A description of the products, goods, or services that fall under the trademark's protection

The typical duration for registering a trademark in the UAE is between 4 to 6 months, though the exact time frame may vary based on the specifics of each application.


Duration of registered trademarks in UAE


Having a registered trademark in the UAE offers you protection and ownership rights to your brand name, logo, or slogan for 10 years, starting from the date of filing. To maintain the protection and ownership of your trademark, it's important to renew it every 10 years. Raes Associates can assist you in this process by providing reminders and updates on the status of your trademark registration. This way, you can ensure that your trademark remains valid and protects your brand in the UAE.


Get started today with our lowest professional fee


Start protecting your brand today with our cost-effective professional fee of AED 1,999. This fee is to be paid in advance.

In addition to the professional fee, there are government fees and expenses associated with trademark registration in the UAE that you'll need to be aware of. These fees include:

  • Trademark search fee: AED 353 (to be paid in advance)

  • Filing fee: AED 753 (to be paid before filing)

  • Publication in the trademark journal: AED 753 (to be paid before publication)

  • Publications in two Arabic newspapers: AED 1,500 (to be paid before publication)

  • Registration fees: AED 5,003 (to be paid at the final stage of the registration process)

The total amount of government fees and expenses for trademark registration in the UAE is AED 8,362. Please note that this is just an estimate and the actual amount may vary based on the specifics of each application.

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