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Professional License in Dubai

All About Professional License In Dubai

Starting a business in Dubai mainland requires obtaining the appropriate business license. The Dubai government provides three types of licenses: Commercial (for trading activities), Industrial (for manufacturing activities), and Professional (for specific services). The professional license is designed for individuals or sole proprietors who wish to offer services in certain industries, such as design, consultancy, engineering, or other creative fields.

A professional license differs from other types of licenses in that it restricts the licensee to specific types of businesses and only allows them to offer services in the field for which the license was issued. Additionally, professional license holders do not need to find a local sponsor, but instead hire a local service agent to assist their business.

It is important to note that obtaining a professional license in Dubai involves meeting specific requirements and following specific procedures. Raes Associates can assist clients in navigating the process of obtaining a professional license, ensuring that all necessary steps are taken and requirements are met.

What is a Professional License?

A professional license is a type of business license in Dubai that allows individuals or sole proprietors to practice a specific profession in the UAE. This license is designed for individual entrepreneurs and consultants who offer services in industries such as design, consultancy, engineering, and other creative fields. With a professional license, the holder can only offer services in the specific field for which the license was issued, and does not require the assistance of a local sponsor, but instead hires a local service agent.

Pros of the Professional License over other Types


The advantage of obtaining a professional license in Dubai is that it is the only type of license that enables non-UAE nationals to have full ownership of their business. This allows for greater control and autonomy over the company's operations. However, to obtain this license, an Emirati citizen must be appointed as a service agent, known as a Wakeel e Khidmat. The role of the service agent is to provide support in obtaining the license and handling any legal procedures, but they do not have any direct influence or control over the business. The service agent is not responsible for any of the debts or liabilities of the organization. In conclusion, a professional license offers the benefit of 100% foreign ownership while still allowing for the necessary support from a local service agent.

Professional License Activities

A professional license in Dubai permits individuals to engage in selective types of business activities within the emirate. These activities are typically related to professions such as consultancy, management, engineering, IT, and other specialized fields. The exact list of permitted activities is determined by the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai. In general, businesses operating under a professional license are limited to offering services and are not allowed to engage in commercial or industrial activities. It is important to note that the scope of business activities under a professional license may be subject to specific restrictions and regulations, and it is recommended to consult with a licensed advisor to ensure compliance with all applicable rules and regulations.

List of individuals who are required to possess a Professional License in Dubai


A professional license in Dubai is generally required for individuals engaged in the following professions:

  • Consultants: Business consultants, management consultants, marketing consultants, IT consultants, etc.

  • Engineers: Civil engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, etc.

  • IT professionals: Software developers, web designers, computer technicians, etc.

  • Healthcare professionals: Doctors, dentists, nurses, etc.

  • Architects and designers

  • Educational and training professionals

  • Accountants and financial advisors

  • Legal professionals

  • Artistic and creative professionals, such as photographers and artists

It's important to note that the requirements for obtaining a professional license in Dubai may vary depending on the specific industry, and it is recommended to consult with a licensed advisor for detailed information and guidance.

Business activities under professional license


A professional license in Dubai is typically required for individuals who are engaged in certain professional or consultancy services, such as:

  • Legal and accounting services

  • Management and human resources consulting

  • Engineering and architectural services

  • Medical and healthcare services

  • Marketing and advertising services

  • IT and telecommunication services


100% Ownership of a Professional Company

Having a professional license for your business in Dubai is a necessity for setting up a professional company. One of the key benefits of having this license is that it allows for full ownership of the company, which is not possible with trading companies. With a trading company, the owner must partner with a UAE national and give them a 51% or higher share of the business. However, with a professional company, the owner can have 100% ownership by agreeing with a local service agent. This arrangement provides the owner with various other advantages, making the professional license a preferred option for many business owners in Dubai.

Advantages & Benefits of a Professional License


   A professional license has several advantages and benefits, including:

  • Legitimacy and credibility: A professional license certifies that an individual has met the required education, experience, and examination standards set by a governing body, thereby demonstrating their expertise and competency in their field.

  • Access to opportunities: In many professions, a license is required to practice, and thus a license holder has greater access to employment and business opportunities.

  • Protection of the public: Licensing ensures that professionals meet minimum standards of practice, and provides a mechanism for addressing complaints and disciplinary action against license holders who do not meet those standards.

  • Career advancement: Some professions have multiple levels of licensing, which may allow for career advancement and increased earning potential as a professional demonstrates additional expertise and experience.

  • Legal protection: A license provides some legal protection to the license holder by setting standards for professional conduct and by providing a means for resolving disputes.



How to Get a Professional License?


Getting a professional license in Dubai requires a well-organized process and proper preparation of paperwork.

  • The first step is to gather the necessary paperwork, including an application form, passport copy for a tourist visa, UID number, Jinsiyya or Muwatana copy of the local partner, NOC if the expat has a sponsor, and any additional approvals required by the Department of Economic Development (DED).

  • Once the paperwork is in order, the next step is to deal with the DED, which is responsible for issuing professional licenses in Dubai. To obtain the license, the DED requires the submission of a BR1 form, name registration certificate, EJARI registration certificate, and tenancy contract.

To ensure an efficient and cost-effective process, it is recommended to consult with a professional or business consultant, who can assist with the paperwork and the dealings with the DED.

Documents required for Professional License

The specific documents required for a professional license can vary depending on the type of license and the jurisdiction, but some common documents that may be required include:

  • Application form: A standardized form that you must fill out to apply for the license.

  • Proof of identity: This could include a passport, driver's license, or other government-issued identification.

  • Educational certificates: Copies of diplomas, transcripts, and other educational certificates to show that you have met the education requirements for the license.

  • Work experience documentation: Proof of relevant work experience, such as letters of recommendation or performance evaluations.

  • Exam results: Proof of passing any required licensing exams.

  • Background check: Some professions may require a background check to verify your criminal history or disciplinary record.

  • Proof of liability insurance: Evidence of insurance coverage to protect clients or the public.

  • Payment of fees: Payment of any required fees to apply for and maintain the license.

  • Professional references: Letters of reference from individuals in the industry who can attest to your professional abilities and qualifications.


How Much Does Professional License Cost


The cost of obtaining a professional license is around AED 10,310 and it includes various fees that must be paid by the license holder. These fees include the professional license fee, trade name fees, service agent fee, market fee (which varies based on the tenancy amount), security deposit (which is different for individual license holders and civil companies), and any other miscellaneous fees. The total cost of a professional license will depend on the specific fees required in your jurisdiction.


Get your Professional License with Ease

If your professional license has expired, you can renew it through the appropriate authorities. You may also be required to provide proof of your training and expertise in the field you plan to offer services. Obtaining a professional license has many benefits and is a necessary step for starting a successful career as an entrepreneur. If you need help with registering your professional license, we are available to assist you. Simply reach out to us and we will be happy to help.


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