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Product Registration
in Dubai

Raes Associates is here to help you navigate the product registration process in Dubai, ensuring a smooth entry for your Dubai

Product Registration

Are you aiming to establish your brand in the dynamic market of Dubai?

we specialize in streamlining the registration process of


In Dubai, product registration is a mandatory process for businesses that intend to import, manufacture, or sell specific goods within the emirate.

In the bustling markets of Dubai, UAE, product registration is a critical step for businesses looking to introduce their products to the local market. The product registration in Dubai ensures compliance with the regulatory standards set by the Dubai Municipality and other relevant authorities, safeguarding public health and consumer rights.


This process is essential for maintaining the integrity of the market and ensuring that all products meet the necessary safety, health, and environmental standards. Raes Associates can provide invaluable assistance throughout this process, guiding businesses through the intricacies of regulatory compliance and ensuring a smooth registration journey.

Why is Product Registration Mandatory?

This system plays a vital role in:

  • Safeguarding Consumers: By ensuring products meet stringent safety standards.

  • Combating Counterfeits: Protecting legitimate businesses and consumers from fake products.

  • Maintaining Quality: Upholding high quality benchmarks for goods sold in Dubai.

Who Needs to Register?

If your company holds a valid UAE trade license with the appropriate activity code and plans to deal in registrable products, you'll need to complete the registration process. This applies to both importers and manufacturers


Benefits of Product Registration in UAE

Engaging in product registration in UAE offers numerous advantages:

  • Market Access: Registered products gain legal access to the UAE market, opening up a wide consumer base.

  • Consumer Trust: Compliance with local regulations enhances consumer confidence in the safety and quality of the product.

  • Competitive Advantage: Registered products stand out in the marketplace, offering a competitive edge over non-compliant goods.

Raes Associates can help businesses leverage these benefits, ensuring that their products are well-positioned in the UAE market.

Steps for Register Product Registration in Dubai Municipality

The process of product registration in Dubai Municipality involves several key steps:

  • Documentation: Preparation of the required documents, including detailed product information and safety assessments.

  • Application Submission: Filing of the application through the Dubai Municipality's online portal, along with the necessary documentation.

  • Assessment: The Dubai Municipality evaluates the product to ensure it meets the required health, safety, and environmental standards.

  • Approval and Registration: Upon successful evaluation, the product is registered, and the business is granted approval to market and sell the product in Dubai.

Raes Associates can provide expert guidance at each step of this process, ensuring compliance and a successful registration outcome.

product registration in dubai

Documents Required for Product Registration

The documentation required for product registration in Dubai typically includes:

  • Product Label Samples: Showing all information and labeling as it will appear on the final product.

  • Ingredients List: Detailed list of all ingredients and materials used in the product.

  • Free Sale Certificate: Issued from the country of origin, stating that the product is freely sold in the country of manufacture.

  • Laboratory Test Reports: Confirming the product's compliance with UAE standards.

Raes Associates can assist businesses in preparing and compiling these documents, ensuring accuracy and completeness to facilitate a smooth registration process.

Product registration in Dubai Municipality is a critical step for businesses looking to introduce their products to the vibrant Dubai market. With the support of Raes Associates, companies can navigate the registration process effectively, ensuring that their products meet all regulatory requirements and are well-received by consumers in the UAE.

Registration System For Products


Registration requires the FIRS system


Registration goes through the Montaji portal.

Our expertise extends beyond registration

  • Product Label Design: We ensure your labels meet all legal requirements and effectively communicate with consumers.

  • GMP Certification Guidance: We can assist you in achieving Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification, demonstrating your commitment to quality and safety.

  • International Barcode Solutions: We'll help you obtain globally recognized barcodes for seamless product identification and tracking.

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