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Dubai provides one of the best opportunities for merchants around the globe to import, manufacture, distribute, and re-export a large number of products including cosmetics, food and many others. Dubai is a hub of trade between different markets on an international level. To ensure the importation and manufacturing of only high-quality products, the government of Dubai has established a comprehensive product registration in Dubai process.

Raes Associates is one of the top consultancy firms in Dubai as far as product registration in Dubai is concerned. Our team will be happy to assist you with expertise since we have years of experience in Dubai Regulatory Affairs and hundreds of satisfied clients to prove this claim. Our dedicated team can guide you through various aspects, including Food Product Registration in Dubai, product registration in Dubai Municipality, product registration in UAE, Dubai Municipality product registration, cosmetic product registration in UAE, and cosmetic product registration in Dubai.

What is a Product Registration?

Product registration is a process carried out by relevant authorities in a specific country to register any imported or manufactured product in that country. Different types of products are registered through this important process. All the products are required to be registered before their import, promotion, and sale in Dubai.

In Dubai, the product registration process is conducted by several authorities such as the safety and health section of Dubai Municipality, Food Department, or Ministry of Health. The most important one is Dubai Municipality (DM) while other departments are also required for completion of this process.

  • The Dubai Products Registration process ensures that each product either its cosmetic products or Packaged food product has all the necessary information on its label, so the consumer gets clear information about the product that what they are going to buy.

  • For Cosmetic Products Registration the Dubai Municipality process checks the presence of any substance that may be harmful to the human body and Same for food products, anything that might be restricted or not suitable for human consumption will be rejected to import to Dubai.

  • All the products registered in Dubai are integrated into a single system. Where all the consumer goods in Dubai are registered. This makes it easier for the government, traders, and customers to get detailed information about all the consumer products in Dubai


Why Product Registration is compulsory in UAE?

  • The main reason for implementing the process of product registration in Dubai is to restrict the trading of fake and harmful products in the local market of Dubai and to ensure the safety of consumer and the quality of the products.

  • Dubai municipality product registration controls the entry of products into the UAE market to ensure product quality and Consumer safety by aiming at product registration, random product testing, and product inspections.

  • Products Registration specify that each product that will be imported in Dubai for local trading should be registered in Dubai Municipality and get a registration certificate which may be asked at the time of shipment clearing.



Benefits of Product Registration

  • The product can be import, sell and promote in the Dubai local Market

  • Registration of your product in Dubai will make it eligible not only for Dubai and UAE, but you can also launch  your product in the whole GCC area

  • Except for a few harmful and unethical products, there is a large variety of products that are allowed to be  registered in Dubai

  • Hassle-free trade-in U.A.E and internationally


The validity of Product Registration in Dubai

The product registration in Dubai is valid for 5 years for every registered product.


What Raes Associates can do for you.?

We provide a number of services in this regard including:

  • Review of your product’s labeling in accordance with the Dubai Cosmetics Regulation and applicable guidelines by Dubai Municipality

  • Review of your product documentation considering the basic requirements of applicable Dubai regulations and guidelines

  • Notification of your products registration in Dubai

  • Support on completion of the Product Information File (PIF)

  • Organization of laboratory services with our external partner companies

  • Complete guidance in selecting the right place according to the type of product i.e Cosmetics, Food, Supplements

  • Continuous support even after completion of the registration process


Contact us

Do not hesitate to contact our expert by phone at +971555012638 or send an email at for Dubai Product Registration.

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