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Welcome to the SPC Free Zone – your gateway to seamless Company Formation and Business Setup in Dubai. At SPC Free Zone, also known as Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone, we cater exclusively to the publishing sector in the UAE.


Why opt for SPC Free Zone for your Company Formation in Dubai?


Our streamlined and efficient process ensures swift Business Setup Dubai, supporting entrepreneurs in launching their operations promptly. We offer a range of comprehensive services to assist business owners in establishing their enterprises, encompassing company formation, visa processing, and legal and regulatory support. Sharjah Publishing City License and Business Center Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone are integral aspects of our services, ensuring compliance and facilitating your business activities in this specialized free zone.

Discover the compelling reasons to choose SPC Free Zone for your Business Setup Dubai
Discover compelling reasons to choose the SPC Free Zone, also recognized as Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone, for your Dubai business setup. Tailored exclusively for the publishing sector in the UAE, our streamlined processes ensure swift company formation. Benefit from comprehensive services encompassing Sharjah Publishing City License, Business Center in the Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone, visa processing, legal support, and regulatory compliance. These key elements enhance the support structure for businesses, ensuring a seamless and compliant entry into this specialized free zone.
  1. Complete Ownership: Enjoy the privilege of 100% foreign ownership when you operate within SPC Free Zone, granting you absolute control over your business activities and financial outcomes.

  2. Tax Benefits: Experience the advantage of tax exemptions, sparing your business from both corporate and individual income taxes. This financial relief enhances your profitability and cost savings.

  3. Global Market Access: Leverage our strategic location within the United Arab Emirates for easy access to global markets, enabling the expansion of your business operations with unparalleled ease.

  4.  Niche Focus: SPC Free Zone is meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of the publishing industry, furnishing your business with specialized tools and dedicated support for resounding success.

  5.  Robust Infrastructure: Our top-notch infrastructure includes fully furnished offices, warehouses, high-speed internet, and state-of-the-art meeting and conference rooms. Additionally, round-the-clock security ensures the safety of your assets and operations.

  6.  Comprehensive Support: We offer holistic services encompassing company creation, visa processing, and unwavering legal and regulatory support, assisting you at every step of your entrepreneurial journey.

  7.  Talent Pool Access: Tap into a thriving community of publishing and printing businesses within SPC Free Zone, facilitating easy access to skilled experts and professionals in your industry. Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone adds a specialized advantage to your business setup, aligning your venture with a dedicated publishing industry hub.

Embark on your journey of Company Formation in Dubai at SPC Free Zone, where Business Setup Dubai is a seamless process. Our step-by-step approach ensures your success

  1. Select Your Business Activity: Choose from a diverse range of business activities provided by SPC Free Zone, tailoring your venture to your niche.

  2.  Craft Your Company Name: After finalizing your business activity, select a distinctive company name, setting you apart within SPC Free Zone.

  3.  Submit Essential Documents: Furnish the necessary documents, including shareholder passport copies, Emirates ID, local sponsor's trade license (if applicable), and memorandum of association.

  4.  Obtain Initial Approval: Our expert team reviews your documents to ensure compliance, granting you the initial approval required to proceed.

  5.  Financial Formalities: Pay the prescribed fees, covering business registration, trade license acquisition, and essential services.

  6.  Secure Your Trade License: With fees settled, obtain your trade license, solidifying your legal presence within SPC Free Zone.

Experience the convenience of a comprehensive suite of services under one roof at Sharjah Publishing City (SPC) Free Zone

  1.  Business Establishment: Seamlessly navigate the establishment process with our assistance, including paperwork submission, initial clearance, and trade license issuance.

  2.  Effortless Visa Acquisition: Let us guide you through the visa acquisition process for your employees and shareholders, ensuring a smooth transition.

  3.  Legal and Regulatory Guidance: Stay compliant with UAE laws and regulations through our expert legal and regulatory support.

  4.  Business Center Convenience: Avail yourself of our business center services, covering mail, courier, and other operational essentials, streamlining your management tasks.

  5. Dynamic Meeting Spaces: Conduct your meetings, conferences, and events within our cutting-edge meeting and conference rooms.

  6.  Unwavering Security: Enjoy 24-hour security and access control, safeguarding your assets and personnel within SPC Free Zone.

Elevate your business prospects with Company Formation and Business Setup in Dubai at SPC Free Zone. Unveil new horizons and unlock unparalleled advantages for your publishing endeavors.


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