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Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) Offshore, part of the UAE, has become an increasingly popular destination for international business owners seeking to establish offshore companies. The RAK offshore company formation process is designed to be swift and straightforward, offering a range of benefits and features tailored to the needs of global businesses. Raes Associates, with its depth of experience in corporate services, can provide expert guidance and support throughout the setup process, ensuring a smooth and compliant incorporation for businesses looking to leverage the strategic advantages of RAK Offshore.

Setting up a RAK Offshore Company involves minimal changes, retaining the key advantages of an offshore company in the UAE. Here are some notable points about RAK Offshore Company setup, with a focus on RAK offshore company setup cost and RAK offshore company formation.

  • Double Tax Treaties: UAE has signed double tax treaties with over 47 countries, allowing RAK Offshore companies to maximize benefits from these agreements.

  • Ownership and Investments: RAK Offshore companies can hold shares in onshore Dubai companies (such as Dubai LLC) and other legal entities globally. They can also own real estate properties, including freehold properties, in the UAE.

  • Banking Facilities: RAK Offshore companies can maintain bank accounts in Dubai, UAE, facilitating day-to-day operational transactions and business-related activities.

With the merger of RAK ICC, international businesses can tap into these advantages while benefiting from the cost-effective and streamlined process of RAK offshore company setup.

Benefits of RAK Offshore Company Formation

Setting up a RAK Offshore Company comes with numerous features, making it an attractive choice for international businesses. Here are some key benefits of RAK Offshore Company Formation:

  • RAK Offshore company setup will give full foreign ownership

  • Corporate income taxation is at 0%

  • In RAK Offshore there can be only one director – who can be non-resident

  • No accounting necessities for offshore company in RAK

  • RAK Offshore Company can be registered by one shareholder

  • In RAK Offshore company shareholder and director can be the same person

  • There are no limitations on shareholder and director residencies

  • It is very easy to renew RAK ICC Company

  • RAK offshore will issue all registration documents in English language

  • In RAK offshore company setup you will not require to submit any audit report

  • RAK offshore company formation is a white listed Offshore Jurisdiction that is fully compliant with international regulations

  • RAK offshore company can hold intellectual property like trademarks, patents and copyright

Advantages of RAK Offshore Company Registration


Registering a company in RAK Offshore comes with numerous benefits:

  • Confidentiality: High levels of privacy and confidentiality for company owners and shareholders.

  • Tax Efficiency: No corporate or personal income taxes, offering significant tax planning opportunities.

  • Asset Protection: Enhanced protection for your global assets and investments.

  • Global Business Operations: Freedom to conduct business internationally, with no restrictions on currency movements.

With Raes Associates' expertise, businesses can navigate the regulatory landscape of RAK Offshore to maximize these advantages effectively.

RAK Offshore Company Setup Cost


The RAK offshore company setup cost is competitive, making it an attractive option for businesses seeking cost-effective offshore incorporation solutions. The cost typically includes government fees, professional fees for registration agents like Raes Associates, and any additional services required during the incorporation process. It's important for businesses to consult with Raes Associates for a detailed breakdown of the costs involved, ensuring transparency and planning for the financial aspects of incorporation.

RAK Offshore Company Setup

RAK Offshore Business Setup Incorporation Process

The incorporation process for a RAK offshore business is streamlined and can be outlined in the following steps:

  • Choosing a Company Name: Selection of a unique company name that complies with RAK Offshore regulations.

  • Application Submission: Filing of the application form along with the required documents, such as a detailed business plan and passport copies of the shareholders and directors.

  • Payment of Fees: Payment of the RAK offshore company setup cost, including government fees and any professional service fees.

  • Incorporation Approval: Upon review and approval by the RAK Offshore authorities, the company is officially incorporated, and relevant documents are issued.

Documents Required for Individual Shareholder (s)

  • Valid Passport Copy with UAE entry stamp page for each Shareholders / Director

  • Three Proposed Company Names of the company

  • Personal & Business Profile of each shareholder(s). (CV)

  • Original – Proof of Physical address of the shareholders. (telephone /utility bill/ electricity  etc.)

  • Original Bank Good standing Letter (Bank Reference Letter ) for the Shareholder(s) – the related account should have been sustained for more than two years


Documents Required for Corporate Shareholder

For Corporate Shareholder, following are the required documents:

  • Certificate of incorporation*

  • Memorandum & Articles of Association*

  • Board resolution and power of attorney*

  • Certificate of good standing or incumbency Letter *

  • CV/Profile of directors/secretary

  • Utility bills of corporate shareholder & directors as proof of address

  • Bank reference of the corporate shareholder

Documents marked * will need to be must be notarized from home country.

Raes Associates can provide end-to-end assistance throughout this process, from initial consultation to the successful incorporation of the RAK Offshore company, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements and a smooth transition into operational status.

RAK offshore company registration presents a compelling option for businesses looking to benefit from the UAE's stable and business-friendly environment. With the advantages of tax efficiency, confidentiality, and asset protection, coupled with the competitive RAK offshore company setup cost, RAK Offshore offers a strategic base for international business operations. Raes Associates stands ready to guide businesses through the incorporation process, leveraging its expertise to facilitate a successful and compliant RAK offshore company formation.


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